Where do I begin about the dog in this picture?

Better yet, where do I begin about the state I was in when I happened upon this dog?

I was sad in February, 2004 because I had to put down a dog that had been in my life for 14 years. I got lonely for canine company, so I started lurking in pet stores. That’s right. I was the lady who’d stare at the doggie in the window, then ask a staffer if I could just play with it for a second to see what I thought. A second would turn into…a while. And then the staffer would start gently suggesting that if I wanted to play with the dog for a good long time, I could up and buy the thing, you know. That way, I could have it forever.

I wasn’t ready for forever again.

But I kept looking just in case. One day my husband called me from work, and said he found an ad for beagle puppies that were at a veterinary clinic not too far from where we lived in Atlanta. Did I want to go check them out? You bet I did. And within hours the dog above, then a puppy, flew at me, licked my face, nibbled me and gassed me with her sweet dog breath.

Her name back then? Ginger. In those days, a black cap of fur

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