The only Paris Syndrome I have is that I am in a chronic state of wanting to be there. Yet, today I learned that there is a sinister version of my malaise that afflicts about 20 people a year, many of them Japanese tourists. The tourists in question seem to want to flee the city as soon as they arrive.

The problem: Perception. Some first-time visitors believe that they will always have Paris and that it will be a sepia-toned place where everyone wears couture, eats beautifully-presented meals and lives, sleeps and eats romance. Although the city is sort of like that, it’s also sort of not. And this “not” aspect is what has newbies feeling so blue.

Just how blue? Paris Syndrome symptoms include: hallucinations, feelings of persecution, dizziness, anxiety and sweating. According to the French psychiatric journal Nervure, the crise is sparked by language barriers, cultural differences, exhaustion and an idealized image of the city.

Granted, the Seine does not flow with Chanel No 5 and

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