There is farm to table.

And then there is farm to a table at which I was not seated.

I say that in jest, of course. I am always happy to write for Palm Beach Illustrated when they’ll have me, especially because they gave me one of my first big breaks as a freelance writer. Besides, the article below was a nice, light detour from my graduate studies.

The assignment: Write about a July 4th party in the ultra-chic Hamptons for November publication without actually attending the to-do. This feat is not unlike writing about a 19th century architect I’ve never met (my thesis topic), all the while explaining the social, political, economic and cultural factors that I didn’t experience, but which contributed to the man’s rise.

It can be done. Fortunately for me, jewelry designer Michelle Farmer hosted the party and graciously consented to pre- and post-party interviews. Farmer not only answered my nit-picky questions in detail, but forwarded me pictures and menus, responded to my neurotic follow-up emails and put me in touch with additional people (among them, God-like party planner Jeff Fowler) who could talk about how wonderful the evening was.

I don’t know if my words do the night justice, but the pictures seem to indicate that it was a dreamy affair.

See for yourself here: Gaga_Evening