About a week-and-a-half ago, my mother-in-law texted me to let me know that Amazon would be mailing her The General’s Niece earlier than June 1, which is its official release date. Nervous, I asked her how much earlier she’d be getting my book. She replied that she’d basically be receiving it at the time I’m typing these very words (Monday, May 1 at 5:34 p.m.).

And then I thought “Whoa, dude. That is way earlier than I expected.”

This is what we call “Sophisticated Author Speak.”

After this, I got some emails from people who said they’d be receiving it at the end of April, and other assorted messages from people who said they’d be getting it at the beginning of May too.  Then people started getting it, and posting about it on their social media feeds and sending me emails and other messages.

I am overwhelmed by this, but in a good way.

I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am for all of this early support and interest. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart! It means so much to me. It means even more to read your emails and messages, and hear that you love and are inspired by this story about a little-known de Gaulle who fought to free occupied France.  Geneviève de Gaulle’s life story is special and my hope is that she becomes at least a little better known outside of her country, because that is certainly what she deserves. But I also hope to shine a little more light on the formidable women in her orbit, resisters such as Anise Postel-Vinay and Michèle Agniel, who were both kind enough to spend an afternoon sharing their wartime memories with me in January 2016. My afternoon with them was one of the most special moments in my life. I’ll never, ever forget them and I hope I’ve done their stories justice.

As for you, fair readers, so far, I’ve seen pictures of my book in your hands, next to your beautiful smiling faces, on the front seats of your car, on your desks and kitchen counters. I know Geneviève de Gaulle’s story is currently traveling throughout the Southeast, up the Eastern seaboard and over to the West Coast. Keep showing me where she travels and letting me know how her life story has touched your own. Your messages are wonderful, and I’m doing what I can to answer them all. In the meantime, please visit Amazon.com and Goodreads — two sites where I have author pages you can follow — to leave a review of the book when you’re done reading it. These reviews really help authors like me, and really help other potential buyers see that this is a story worth their time.

So thank you again for everything you’ve done to support this book so far. I’ll be out on the road this summer to talk about Geneviève de Gaulle, meet readers like you, and sign copies of The General’s Niece. Please keep checking my events page to see if I’m coming to your hometown. If you don’t see a date in your neck of the woods yet, please trust that I’m working on it. I do want to meet the people who’ve shown this book so much love!