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USA Today Special NASA Edition, Fall 2015: Life in Space? Planetary scientists hope to discover what no one has found before.


The Wall Street Journal, May 26, 2015: Fed’s Jeffrey Lacker Still Undecided on June Rate Rise


Traditions, January 2015: Made in the U.S.A.: Quality, Craftsmanship and American Pride are at the core of Detroit-based Shinola.


Best Years, Fall/Winter 2014: Back to Exercise Basics: Find the time and plan a workout that takes care of your body


USA TODAY Special NASA Edition, Fall 2014: Are We Alone? Scientists study Earth to determine if there is life on other planets


USA TODAY Special Army Corps of Engineers Edition, Fall, 2013: Battling the Mississippi: River’s aging infrastructure poses numerous problems requiring ACE solutions., August 27, 2012: Anxiously Awaiting Isaac: Louisiana Gets Ready for a Hurricane., May 21, 2011: Barge Traffic Tempts Fate on an Angry Mississippi, May 15, 2011: Spillway Opening Fails to Ease Flooding Fears in Louisiana, May 13, 2011: Too Much Water: Army Corps Will Deluge the Bayou to Save the Big Easy, May 11, 2011: Mississippi Floodwaters Roll Into Louisiana, Bearing the Ghosts of Katrina.


The Washington Times, September 23, 2009: Near-record flooding kills 9 in South, May 20, 2009: Bullying: Suicides Put a Spotlight on a Schoolyard Problem, February 11, 2009 : Darwin’s Bicentennial: A New Evolution Fight at Site of Scopes Monkey Trial, November 5, 2008: A Rematch for the Georgia Senate: Will Obama Help?


People, December 18, 2006: Quit Your Job!, July 28, 2006 : Itching for Answers to a Mystery Condition


People, March 28. 2005 : Seven Hours of Terror


Air Tran Magazine: Go!, April, 2005: Music for the Masses


Air Tran Magazine: Go!, January, 2005: Afterburner Soars to New Heights


The New York Times, February 21, 2004: Clark Byers, 89, Painter of Ads on Barn Roofs Across the East


The Washington Times, February 6, 1997: Envoy Pamela Harriman dies at 76: Doyenne of Democrats known for charm, savvy




Muses & Visionaries, February/March 2015:  Origins of a Muse


Louisiana SuperLawyers, January, 2015: Rock Solid: Coastal Litigation, Airplane Rescues and J. Rock Palermo III


Palm Beach Illustrated,  December, 2014: For Sentimental Reasons: Nat King Cole and JFK had a historic relationship. This month the crooner’s daughters revive those rare moments.


Palm Beach Illustrated, January, 2014: Island Vibe: Legendary golfer Greg Norman and wife Kiki enjoy a lifestyle of “barefoot elegance” at their Jupiter Island home


Modern Woman, Fall/Winter 2013: The Yoga Life: Mandy Ingber, trainer to the stars, breaks it down for the rest of us.


Palm Beach Illustrated, November, 2013: The PBI Profile: Piano virtuoso Lola Astanova


Louisiana SuperLawyers, January, 2013: The Unflinching Advocate


Louisiana SuperLawyers, January, 2012: Legal Knight


Palm Beach Illustrated, February 2010:Simply Oscar (preview version)


Palm Beach Illustrated, January 2010: A Sister’s Promise


think, Spring/Summer 2009: A Hero for Hollywood: Case Western Reserve Alum and Warner Bros CEO Barry Meyer talks about the economy, piracy and his strategy for saving the day


Palm Beach Illustrated, January 2009 :  Valentino: An Exclusive Interview with the Maestro (preview version)


think, Fall/Winter 2008 : Craig’s Quest: Craigslist Founder Talks About How Far He’s Come And Where He Still Hopes To Go.


Palm Beach Illustrated, February 2008 : A Leader and a Gentleman


TIME, August 23, 2004 :  Retail Therapy


TIME, January 12, 2004: How to Put A Police Dog on a Chip