What I remember about Kristen Hoke: She was upbeat, she was energetic, she loved her husband and daughter. She was also, as she said, determined to kick the breast cancer she had been battling to the curb.
“The good and the bad in life are side by side, and what you choose to notice will dictate how your life will be,” Hoke told The Palm Beach Post in March 2008. “That’s whether you’re sick or not.”
Hoke, a longtime television news anchor in West Palm Beach, died last June at age 42. But her public battle with breast cancer was an inspiration to the people who knew her and to the viewers who followed her story on evening newscasts.
One of Hoke’s fiercest advocates was Ambassador Nancy Brinker, founder of Komen for the Cure. Here is a story I wrote about her last year.¬†Every day, Brinker fights to find a cure for breast cancer. It’s a mission that began in 1980 when Brinker promised her dying sister Susan that she would find a cure for the disease that ultimately took her life. Tonight at 7 p.m., Brinker is speaking at the Pete Maravich Assembly Center at Louisiana State University about “The Power of One.” You should go if you can. Brinker is a dynamic and inspiring woman with a great story to tell.
Here she is getting the Presidential Medal of Freedom:
Photo: NancyGBrinker.com

Photo: NancyGBrinker.com

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